Guy Builds Impressively Detailed Mini Ms. Pac-Man Machine

It must be awesome to own your own vintage arcade machines, but for most of us they take up too much space. Not to mention that they usually take some serious restoring too. This miniaturized Ms. Pac-Man by James Mitchell is the perfect solution. It is a mostly scale replica in every detail. It looks spot on.


The cabinet is made of 1/8″ plywood. The graphics were printed out and scaled down from the full-size machine. Under the hood it has a BeagleBone Black with a 4.3″ touchscreen, USB speakers, and a battery-backed power supply. Even more impressively, James built the whole thing in three days when he realized he didn’t have anything to show at this year’s Bring a Hack dinner after Maker Faire.

You can get more details on the build here.

With arcade cabinets this size, you could have an entire arcade on your desk.

[via Hack A Day]