Motorized Twitching Guts: Gross. and Squeaky.

Want to make something really special for Halloween? And by special I mean extra gross. Checkout Gothic Nightmare‘s prop tutorials, particularly the one with the twitching legs, complete with blood red innards.


I sure am glad I wasn’t eating when I saw this, or else I might have puked my own insides out. Actually I think I still might disembowel myself so let’s get this over with. Gothic Nightmare says that the intestines and alien worm-looking stuff are made of expanding spray foam insulation that’s been spray painted. “Bits of twine and stuff” were added for the veins. I don’t want to know what the “stuff” might be. Then a pair of jeans was stuffed with plastic to fill it out.


A makeshift “twitcher” made of an ice crusher’s motor, some levers and wood was then attached to one of its legs. The end product is a monstrosity that even the undead would find unsettling:

There’s a joke in here somewhere between that sick squeaking sound and the twitching, but I’m too nauseated to make it up. But if you think it’s awesome and all,  the disgustingly talented unnamed prop maker recommends that you use a slower motor – like a wiper motor – to power the leg, because the ice crusher’s motor made the leg move too fast so it had to be slowed down with a dimmer switch. I need to lie down.

[via MAKE]