Japanese Cat Suit Carries Your Cat in a Cat Pouch, Isn’t Weird at All

The latest weird thing to come out of Japan is the Meowgaroo Jumpsuit – an outfit that makes the human inside look like a cat, complete with a fuzzy tail and ears on the hood. The hand mitts even have paw prints on them. But wait! That’s not the weirdest part of the costume though; it has a fuzzy pouch just for your actual cat to “relax” in.


Said fuzzy pouch is directly over your sensitive parts where an angry cat could claw your wedding tackle to bits. I’ve never met a cat that would want to be that close to a human, much less be carried around in a pouch. To top things off, the outfit has a trap door for your butt so you can take care of business without taking it off.

The cat we had growing up only wanted to be around humans when it was time to eat or when he was attacking your ankles during an early AM potty break.

[via Kotaku]