NES Controller Pool Float: Press “Start” to Swim

It’s a bit too cold here in Chicago to even think about going for a swim, but I’m pretty sure lots of us will be heading to warmer points South this winter for vacation. And if you’re going somewhere with a swimming pool, you’ll want to bring a pool float. It’s dangerous to float alone. Take this.

There are lots of cool pool floats out there, but they often sacrifice utility and comfort for their design, with strange and awkward shapes like bananas or poop emoji. On the other hand, this pool float takes advantage of the rectangular shape of the classic NES controller. Sure, it wasn’t the most ergonomic shape for a gamepad, but it makes a great floating mattress. Plus, it looks cool doing it.

If you’re a Nintendo fan, you must have one of these the next time you hit the pool.  It’s just $24.99 over at Craziest Gadgets. Now if only they made this Super Mario swim suit for adults…