New Zune 2 Flash-Based Players Confirmed

By now those in the know are aware that Microsoft is just about set to release several new Zune media players. Thanks to some drawings over at the FCC website, I can confirm that there are definitely new models in the works.

Flash Based Zunes hit FCC

The diagram I was able to dig up shows the label placement on both 4GB and 8GB flash-based player models aimed squarely at the iPod Nano. This drawing all but confirms the leaked photo that Engadget managed to get their hands on yesterday.

Zune FM Transmitter on FCC Website

For those of you who care, there’s also a drawing of a matching Zune FM transmitter module/dock for use in your car.

Pricing and a release date aren’t confirmed yet, but many rumors are pointing to today or tomorrow. Keep your eye out on the Zune website for an announcement any day now.