Nintendo Game on iPhone, Without a Hack

Sure, it’s old news by now that you can install a Nintendo NES emulator on a hacked iPhone and play classic games. But now, thanks to the hard work of a very industrious web developer, we can play at least one Nintendo classic WITHOUT any special software or hacks.

nintendo duck hunt on iphone

[Before you guys cry fake or foul (or fowl, in this case), the screenshot above is from since I couldn’t get a good shot of my iPhone screen without massive glare.]

Developer Deron Dantzler has created a faithful, Safari-compatible version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. Instead of a light gun, the game uses your fingertip to shoot down those pesky winged critters. It takes a little trial and error to get used to the finger presses, but eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

Deron did an amazing job getting all the pieces to look just like the orignal, and unlike many attempts to make iPhone arcade games in Safari, it actually loads quickly, even on an EDGE connection. Unfortunately, there’s no sound, but maybe someday Apple will just give us the Flash support we all want and we’ll be done with all this workarounds.

To play the game on your iPhone (or in any web browser), just point your browser to this URL.