Nintendo Risk Might as Well Be Called Nintendo Reward

A labor of love 7 years in the making, this heavily customized, Nintendo-themed variant of Risk was made by – drum roll please – redditor NintendoRisk. Instead of our countries and continents, the territories are places from various classic Nintendo games, including the Kanto region, Hyrule, Eagleland, Dinosaur Island and more. It also has aerial territories such as Zebes and the Great Fox ship.

nintendo risk board game

The art looks really good, not just the stuff on the board, but on the cards – there are 100 Hero and 42 Territory cards – as well. NintendoRisk said that all of the artwork is in high resolution. The board for example is about 20,000 pixels wide and its digital copy is about 700MB.

My only suggestion would be to add a border graphic of some sort on the board. I’m sure NintendoRisk can fill it up with Nintendo’s vast cache of characters and icons.

[via Imgur via Reddit]