More Noel Cases Dress Up Iphones for the Holidays

With the holidays bearing down upon us, it’s only a matter of time before your great aunt Mildred shows up wearing one of her infamous sequined reindeer sweaters. Why should she have all the fun dressing up for the holidays? Now your iPhone can join in the festivities too.

These shiny new Noel cases from More give your iPhone (3G only) the shiny, metallic look of Christmas ornaments. Available in blue and ruby jeweltones as well as gold and shiny aluminum, these form-fitting cases are sure to draw attention the next time you go to answer your phone.

The unibody shell design has precise cutouts that allow you to use all controls and inputs without removing the case. And so the face of your iPhone doesn’t feel left out, each case comes with a bonus mirrored screen protector which makes the front of your iPhone just as shiny as the back.

Keep in mind that these cases are super smooth, so if you’re looking for an extra grip on your iPhone, this isn’t the case for you. They’re available now from More Thing for $29.90 USD each.