Noodle Robot Makes Perfect Pasta

This new technological innovation from Japan is a single-purpose robot with a simple mission – make the best pasta and noodles without lifting single human finger (except to push the power button).


The Buckwheat Noodle Robot Sanuki Shokunin is designed to make the same type of buckwheat noodles that are typically the product of the precision knife skills of noodle chefs throughout Japan. The machine uses a special pasta dough kneader mechanism, along with a razor-sharp adjustable cutting blade to slice up precision pieces of pasta.


The Sanuki Shokunin can crank out up to 700 portions of noodles an hour, and can also make Chinese Noodles and traditional pasta too. Just load in some dough, push a couple of buttons to adjust the pasta size (in 0.1 mm increments) on the control screen, and watch the noodles fly.

Now if only we had some noodle-cooking robots, we’d never have to go in the kitchen again…

[via Robot Watch (translated)]