14 Normal, Everyday Things That Are Now Out Of Control

Remember the simpler times of yesterday? We sure do. It was easier back then, even if there are plenty of technological advancements happening today. While things seem to be easier nowadays, that’s not always the case.

We have a wealth of information and entertainment available, but what good does it do when it’s aggravating to deal with? We at Technabob examine things that are continually getting out of control in 2024.

1 – YouTube Ads

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During the original days of YouTube, you could watch videos without interruptions. Today, ad breaks happen regularly, and half the time, you can’t skip them. It’s incredibly frustrating.

2 – Entry-Level Jobs Asking For Experience

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Coming fresh out of college, eager young adults are excited to enter the workforce. However, that excitement is quickly squashed when they realize these entry-level jobs require several years of experience.

Don’t get us started on the starting pay, either.

3 – Monthly Subscriptions

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Everything today has a monthly subscription: streaming services, gyms, video games, and features for our cars. You name it, it has a subscription. It’s like a bunch of suits conspired to nickel and dime us to death.

4 – Comments on Social Media

Algorithms on Social Media
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There’s a popular saying on the internet: Never read the comments. The days of polite conversation are over. Comment sections are commonly filled with hate and vitriol today.

5 – Mobile Apps

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I’m not sure who decided that literally everything needs an app, but I guess that’s the world we live in. When I’m at a restaurant, I want to order using the menu, not their app.

6 – Price Gouging

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Everything is more expensive today, from homes and used cars to groceries and utilities. However, you can only blame inflation so many times until people start to catch on.

7 – Everyone Asking For A Tip

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It’s commonplace for the service industry to ask for tips. Their salaries are not liveable, and they depend on tips.

When companies that pay their employees upwards of $20 an hour start taking tips, however, that’s where we draw the line.

8 – Bright Headlights On Cars

car headlight
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I can’t tell you how often I’m driving at night and think the incoming driver has their brights on. Nope! It’s just those obnoxious new shiny headlights.

9 – Disney Remakes

The Lion King (2019)
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Remember when Disney made original animated pictures? I’m honestly struggling to recall the last time they did that. Today, it feels like they’re doing nothing but live-action remakes.

10 – Ignorance

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This feels like a side effect of the current political climate in America. People are content with their beliefs and have zero desire to expand on them or even see if they are correct. I guess ignorance is indeed bliss.

11 – People Not Using Headphones In Public

cell phone talker
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I’m unsure how this trend started, but I can’t wait for it to end. I don’t want to hear people’s conversations on speakerphone in public. It’s even worse when they’re listening to TikTok at full volume.

12 – The Political Divide In America

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I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating. It feels like the divide between the left and right in the United States has never been more significant.

13 – Not Knowing How To Interact In Public

Sleeping in Public
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It feels like that once lockdowns ended, people completely forgot how to act in public. I remember seeing people kneel on the floor at a concert while the opening act played. It was incredibly disrespectful.

14 – Main Character Syndrome

As social media continues to grow, people want to be influencers. This causes them to act like the main character of a sitcom. Spoiler alert: Life isn’t a sitcom. You’re not entitled to anything just because you have a social media following.

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