Nyan Cat Necklace Poops a Rainbow of Awesome Around Your Neck

My love for on-screen cats began when I discovered the Neko cat screenmate almost a decade and a half ago. I know they’re not the same cat, but when I saw this Nyan cat necklace, I was immediately reminded of Neko. (If my memory serves me right, I was running Windows ’95 at the time. Talk about ancient.)

Nyan Cat NecklaceEnough nostalgia, though, because this awesome Nyan cat necklace calls for your attention. Over the last 18 months, the Nyan cat has spawned a meme and thousands of video, photos, and related art, this necklace included.

The Nyan necklace was handmade by Olga of OlechckaDesign using polymer clay, which was then attached to a 12-inch chain so you can show your love for the Nyan cat loud and proud.

Nyan Cat Necklace

The necklace is up for sale on OlechckaDesign’s Etsy shop for $25 (USD).

PS. Ready for more Nyan? Check this site out and see how long you can Nyan!

[via LikeCool]