Octospot Diving Camera Can Survive the Dark Depths

GoPro is the big name in action cameras and its cameras will do go just about anywhere. If you want to take your GoPro into the water though, you need to put it into another watertight case. Even then, it’s not good down to extreme depths. Divers who want to go really deep and record what they see should consider the Octospot diving camera that is good to 656-feet of crushing depth with no case needed.


The camera has a fancy pressure white balance system that keeps colors just right, and is designed for shooting in low light and murky waters, though an optional lighting attachment may be available down the road. Power comes from an internal battery good for about two hours of recording. The controls are made to work while wearing gloves and have vibration feedback. A tiny screen on the back shows details like recording mode, time, and depth and dive data can be overlaid on the video.

Video resolution is up to 4K and the camera can shoot 12MP stills as well. It comes with a universal mask mount and can be had with a third-person mount, which sounds like an underwater selfie stick to me. The Octospot is on Kickstarter and has already blown through its fundraising goal. A pledge of $349 or more will get you a camera with shipping estimated for January 2017.