Once Acceptable Things That Are Now Very Inappropriate

As time changes, customs also change. Things that people once did routinely are now frowned upon. It’s not necessarily that they were misbehaving before; they were following the rules of society for that specific time. An online community described the practices that were once seen as standard but are now considered taboo.

1. Not Wearing Seatbelts

Businessman driving car
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Seatbelts used to be optional. Sometimes people used them, and sometimes they didn’t. It was a question of personal preference, and no one thought twice about it.
Today, not wearing a seatbelt as a driver or passenger in a car will not only get you pulled over by law enforcement but will likely result in a ticket.

2. Corporal Punishment in Schools

Student got punished
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Years ago, kids who misbehaved in school took the risk of being paddled or spanked. I remember my elementary school holding assemblies during which the principal would show off his wooden paddle and threaten to use it if we went to his office for bad behavior.
Today, that would result in serious legal problems for school administrators.

3. Tattoos

Man getting tatooed
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Once upon a time, tattoos were a sign that you were in a biker gang, a criminal, or just up to no good. Tattoos were shameful and kept hidden to stop others from making snap judgments. Today, tattoos have not only become socially acceptable in most contexts, but people are proud to show off their intricate body art.
There are even reality shows about tattoos.

4. No Child Seats in Cars

Child Seats in car
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In addition to not wearing seat belts in cars, using child car seats for infants and toddlers or booster seats for older kids was uncommon. It’s not that people didn’t care about their children, but this was the norm. Kids wore seatbelts or didn’t, and passengers held babies in their laps.
Trying something like that today is dangerous and against the law.

5. Unlocked Doors

Colorful front Door
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Leaving the doors to houses and cars unlocked was a common practice from coast to coast. While there are some communities today where the residents feel comfortable enough not to lock the doors to their homes or cars, that’s not the case in most places.
With today’s crime statistics, many understandably don’t feel safe enough to leave their doors unlocked.

6. Not Answering the Phone

Beautiful girl working talking in mobile
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Long before the creation of cell phones, voicemail, and answering machines, there were landlines. The only way someone could reach you was by calling you at your house. If you weren’t home, they called you back later. Now, callers expect you to answer the phone before the second ring.
Don’t get me started on responding to text messages.

7. Serving Homemade Goods

Chocolate cookies labeled
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Community, school, and church bake sales were the ideal times to buy homemade cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. However, food safety concerns and the risk of food allergies have brought that tradition to a halt.
Now, baked goods have to be store-bought and labeled with the ingredients before you share them with anyone else.

8. Playing Outside

Kid playing outside
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There was a time when kids would go to their friend’s house to see if they were home, play outside all day, and didn’t have to return home until the streetlights came on. That doesn’t happen too much anymore.
Many of today’s youth spend their free time online, chatting with friends, playing electronic games, streaming shows, or posting on social media.

9. Liquor for Teething

Baby teething
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Generations of parents soothed their teething babies’ pain by rubbing their little gums with brandy or whiskey. That practice has fallen out of favor because giving alcohol to a baby is not only a bad look, it’s not healthy.
If a baby is teething, stick to non-toxic forms of relief like teething rings and cold washcloths.

10. No Helmets

Kid learning to ride bike without helmet
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In times past, after you learned to ride a bike, there was nothing to do except hop on and go about your way. That approach resulted in many emergency room visits to treat broken bones.
To spare their kids from injury, parents now insist that their kids are protected from harm as much as possible by equipping them with helmets and elbow and knee pads.

11. Smoking Sections in Restaurants

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It was a common question when we were younger and dining out: “Smoking or non-smoking?”

While wild to think about today, many dining establishments and bars used to commonly offer smoking sections to their patrons.

12. Adults Scolding Other Children

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Back in our day, if you were a kid acting out in public, adults who weren’t your parents would properly put you in your place.

Today, if an adult were to scold a child that isn’t there’s, it’s likely that the cops would be called on them. Everyone’s child is special, apparently, and no one can punish them, even if they deserve it.

13. Showing Up To Someone’s House Unexpected

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We touched earlier on leaving doors unlocked being a taboo thing nowadays. In a similar manner, there’s showing up at a friend’s house without letting them know in advance.

Back then, it was okay since we didn’t have phones in our pockets at all times. Now, if we hear the doorbell ring and aren’t expecting someone, our guard goes up, and we become a little nervous.

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