Pac-Man Cufflinks Perfect for Any Black Tie Affair

I just got invited to a formal wedding this Fall, and have been stymied as to what I would wear since it’s been about 15 years since I had to wear a tuxedo to anything. While I still might have to rent a tux and bow tie, at least I know what I’ll be wearing on my sleeves.

Pac-Man Cufflinks By Sarah Lynne Designs

How could you resist going out on a night on the town with these great Pac-Man cufflinks on your wrists? Handmade by Sarah Lynne Designs, they feature the likeness of Pac-Man on one cuff and a blue ghost (presumably spawned after a tasty power pill) on the other.

Sarah makes the cufflinks from sturdy brushed aluminum and then coats them with a heavy-duty resin for that glossy sheen. The intricate character designs are made from hand sculpted wire and paint, while the dots are made from teeny, tiny beads.

You can find these and other cool contemporary jewelry over on Sarah’s Etsy shop.