Pac-Man Tv Game Gets Another Update From Jakks

Now I’m not really sure how many times Jakks Pacific can go back to the well on this one, but they’ve recently released yet another update to their popular Namco Pac-Man TV Plug-and-Play games.


The latest (fifth) revision to the system could be the best design yet, inspired by retro arcade cabinets, complete with a mock coin slot that lights up, and arcade-style buttons and joystick. The new version also bests all prior versions by including 12 classic arcade games inside. In addition to Pac-Man, the all-in-one console includes arcade versions of Bosconian, Xevious, Galaxian, Galaga, New Rally-X, Pac-Man Plus, Super Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Mappy, Pole Position, and my all time fave DigDug.


While the best price I was able to find over on Amazon was $48 (USD), you should be able to find one for a bit less over on eBay if you dig under the appropriate rocks.

[screenshot via 20th Century Gamer]