Padtab Wall Mounts Your iPad and is Perfect for Geek Art

At my house, the iPad is very popular. I need to glue a bell on the back of it so I know where it is. My kids run off with it to play games, my wife hides it places just to mess with me, and when I want to read something on it, I can’t find it. I think with my kids being young the perfect thing for me would be to stick it on a wall out of their reach.


That’s where this cool new PadTab mount comes in. It’s a plastic square with flaps on it that sticks to your tablet with some sort of industrial adhesive. Another section called the WallTab sticks to the wall or other flat surface like the fridge or a mirror using the same adhesive. You can then hang the tablet on the wall and out of the way for viewing. This would be a great mount system for controlling a home automation system too.

The WallTab section can be painted, and the PadTab should work with just about any tablet if you don’t have an iPad.  You get one PadTab and two WallTabs for $29.99 (USD) and the system is now shipping.