Papercraft Minecraft: Low-Res Cuteness

Fans of Minecraft – perhaps the only video game that justifies a purchase despite being in alpha – love to build, so they’ll undoubtedly be ecstatic about this:

papercraft minecraft

This lovely diorama of country scenery – slightly marred by the presence of the most disturbing likeness of a pig that I have ever seen – was made by Tumblr blogger Jumbso. If you want to make your own papercraft Minecraft, you can print the templates made by Minecraft forum member Bearodactyl.

True to the game, you’ll have to print and construct your mine, fortress or what have you one block at a time. And no matter how hard you try, combining papercraft coal with papercraft wood won’t give you papercraft torch, although combining any of the papercraft with fire will get you a torch. But don’t do that.

[via Rock Paper Shotgun]