PhoneSoap Cleans Your Phone and Charges It, Too!

Many people have close relationships with their smartphone. They carry it around with them every day, press it to their cheeks at least once every few hours to make a call, and poke or tap at the screen every few minutes or so to check their email, browse the Internet, or read a message.

You should be aware by now that your smartphone has probably accumulated the growth of a ton of bacteria over the course of you using it excessively each and every day. I don’t even want to begin imagining all the microbes and bacteria that’s breeding in between each key on the keypad or around the grooves of its buttons…

Good thing there’s someone out there who wants to come up with a way to “wash” our phones (without getting them wet, of course) with the PhoneSoap.

Phone Soap

PhoneSoap is a charger and sanitizer packaged in one neat, little box. It uses to UV-C light to kill any bacteria and viruses that might be living on your phone. The UV-C light is 99.9% effective at killing bacteria and viruses, and since it doesn’t generate any heat, it doesn’t put your phone at risk during its sanitizing cycle. At the same time, it can charge up your device, since the box allows access to both a micro USB cord and Apple’s 30-pin USB cord.

Phone Soap

PhoneSoap is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $39(USD) will get you your very own PhoneSoap.