Pikachu Yellow Nintendo 3DS XL Hits Europe December 7

If you live in Europe and have someone on your Christmas list who wants a new Nintendo 3DS XL, you’ll have a couple of new options to choose from in time for holiday shopping. The most interesting of the new 3DS XL consoles is one that Pokémon fans will love. This version will come in a bright Pikachu yellow color.

Sadly, the handheld includes no bundled video games and doesn’t even have an AC adapter. Apparently, Nintendo is no longer offering AC adapters with their handhelds in Japan or Europe, but will continue to include AC adapters in North America.

If Pokémon isn’t your thing, there are two different white 3DS XL bundles coming as well. One of the white systems will come with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed. That version will launch on November 16. The other white model comes with Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed. That system will be available on the same day the Nintendo Wii U launches, November 30.

There’s no word on a North American release for either the Pikachu or white 3DS XL.

[via Nintendo Life]