Pimp My Ride: 15 Accessories That Increase A Car’s Resale Value

When you decide you deserve an upgraded vehicle, you will want to get as much money as you can for your current car. Potential buyers are looking for used cars that are well-maintained and taken care of. Luckily, you can purchase a few basic options that will help keep your car looking as good as new.

Don’t leave money on the table. These are some simple upgrades you may want to invest in to keep your car attractive to future buyers.

1. Truck Covers

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Installing a locking shell on the bed of your truck is an easy way to get more money when it is time to sell it. These shells offer a security option for drivers to stash their belongings. They are also a great way to keep your cargo safe from weather like rain, snow, and wind. 

2. Locking Tool Boxes

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Locking toolboxes is another great way to provide extra security for your valuables. These boxes sit in the truck’s bed, protecting your tools from pesky thieves. If you plan to use your truck for construction work, you will want a locking toolbox as you travel from one work site to another. 

3. Dash Cams

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Dash cams can save you thousands of dollars if you find yourself involved in a car accident. Dash cams tell the truth, so if the other driver rammed into you or ran a stop light, you have the proof of your innocence. Don’t get scammed by another lousy driver. Install a dash cam and keep you and your family safe. 

4. Sun Shades

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Sun Shades do so much more than keep your car’s interior cool in the summer heat. Direct sunlight can fade or even crack dashboards and leather interiors. You will be kicking yourself if you ruin a nice leather seat instead of buying a $10 sunshade. Plus, have you ever sat on a hot leather seat while wearing shorts in July? It burns!

5. Upgraded Audio Systems

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Simple upgrades like higher-quality speakers, amplifiers, and a subwoofer can drastically improve the sound in your car. You don’t have to sound like you’re in the front row at a rock concert, but superior sound can make your car worth more than it was before. You also might want to add a headset with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity. 

6. Window Tinting

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Window tinting not only makes your car look sleek and stylish but can also raise its resale value. An excellent tint job provides added security, reduces glare, and cools theer interior temperature. It is however important to look up your local laws on tint darkness before you invest money in the upgrade. 

7. Back-Up Camera

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Back-up cameras are increasingly common among newer cars. Still, many cars made as little as five years ago do not have this luxury. A simple back-up- camera can be installed for around $100, and it might be the deciding factor when someone decides to buy your car. 

8. GPS Tracker

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A GPS tracker will come in handy in the unlikely event that you become the victim of car theft. The simple gadget will track your car, allowing police to find the stolen vehicle. How does this raise the value of your car? You can only resale a car if you know where the car is, am I right?

9. Paint Protection

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No one wants to buy a used car with a bad paint job. Chips, scratches, and faded paint are some of the first things a potential buyer sees when looking at your vehicle. Invest some money in paint protection products like paint protection film, ceramic coatings, or car wax to protect your car’s beautiful paint job. 

10. Premium Wheels

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Investing in upgraded wheels instead of stock wheels could make your car look more appealing, thus raising its resale value. Higher-quality rims can also improve performance in sports cars and heavy-duty trucks. It is important to note that other people find different styles more appealing, so don’t buy anything too flashy that could turn potential buyers off. 

11. Seat Covers

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Take it from a dog owner with experience, and you will want to invest in some quality seat covers. If you actively take your dog on car rides to the park or the beach, you will give your car interior a solid lining of dog hair. You can vacuum and scrap all you want; you are never going to get all of that hair out of the seats and carpet. The best you can do is throw a cover on there and clean it well when needed. 

12. All-Weather Floormats

Fitted Rubber Car Mat
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All-Weather Floormats Like seat covers, these floormats are designed to be easily removed and washed. The last thing you want is a family’s worth of muddy shoes pounding dirt and muck into your nice carpeted interior. These mats cost less than $100 and will be a lifesaver when it’s time to resale the vehicle. 

13. Truck Bed Liner

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A truck bed liner protects your truck’s bed from scratches, dents, and paint chips. They can be sprayed on with a polyethylene composite or with a slide-in plastic protector. Suppose you plan on hauling heavy machinery or fragile cargo. In that case, these bed liners will protect the truck bed and your hauling items. 

14. Roof Racks

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Adding a set of roof racks to your car, truck, or SUV can get you some extra money when it comes time to sell. Most rack systems cost under $250, and it is an accessory people only know they want once they are used. Even if they are only used to bring a Christmas Tree home once a year, it is a feature you can use to raise that resale price a few bucks.

15. Car Cover

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If you don’t have a garage, a car cover can help protect your vehicle from criminals and weather elements. Covers are incredibly cheap, so you have no excuse not to pick one up and put it to use. 

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