Pinball Machine Desk: Insert Coin to Work

I love old pinball machines. I love to play them and I wouldn’t mind having one for a desk. That’s what Tim Sway, an artist in Wallingford, Connecticut, has done here. He has turned an old pinball machine into a desk. TILT. Must be lunch time.

pinball table
Tim turns all kinds of old things into furniture. For this project, he used a vintage Charlie’s Angels pinball machine. He removed the electrical components and cut a hole in one side. Then he added a drawer, a cabinet, and new sheet metal flashing. Of course, he had to cut down the legs too so its surface lays flat.

Check out the video to see how Tim built the desk.

It’s an amazing  idea and it gives you something cool to look at while you are working. I would love to have one of these in my home.

[Instructables via Neatorama]