Pinball Magic Turns Iphones Into Tiny Pinball Machines

If you miss the days when you could walk down to the neighborhood arcade, you’re pretty much out of luck if you want to play a game of pinball. Sure, there are plenty of computer games and mobile apps which let you play a digital version of game, but there’s nothing quite like whacking those flipper buttons and pulling the plunger to set your ball in motion. Now, thanks to this goofy little accessory, you can enjoy an ever so slightly more pinball-like playing experience on your iPhone.


Dock your iPhone inside New Potato’s Pinball Magic, and it turns your smartphone into the world’s tiniest pinball machine. The weensy little pinball machine has a pair of flipper switches, a plunger for launching balls, and an LED backlit backboard display which shows animations when you play. And the accompanying game uses the iPhone’s motion sensors to support tilt detection, so jostling the machine works just like the real deal.

You can order Pinball Magic here for $39.99 (USD), and while you’re waiting, you can download the free Pinball Magic app here (opens iTunes). Keep in mind that the game cannot be played without the table, so don’t bother trying to figure it out until you get one.

[via Chip Chick via SlipperyBrick]