Pizza Hut Smart Shoes Will Order You a Pizza

These shoes are just an advertisement for Pizza Hut, but they’re innovative nonetheless. After all, we can always use more pizza. These Pizza Hut Smart Shoes have embedded technology that allows wearers to order a pizza by simply pressing a button on the shoe. They are not high tops, but Pie Tops.

The shoes actually connect with a special ‘Pie Tops’ app to place a pre-designated order, so the shoes don’t order completely on their own. To promote the shoes, Pizza Hut has even released a 1990’s-style commercial to go with:

The shoes are a limited edition of course, with only 64 pairs being made. The number 64 represents the 64-team field in March Madness. All of the pairs will be given to the media and individuals considered to be ‘influencers.’ Hey I influence lots of people. Where are mine?

[via ADweek via Slashgear]