Podtime Sleeping Pod Blocks out the Outside World While You Nap

I like taking naps in private, but even I think that these Podtime Sleeping Pods are borderline ridiculous. While it seems like a pretty neat concept, it’s priced way too high (at £1,375 or about $2,148 USD) for mass enjoyment.

PodTimeBut if you’ve got money to burn and enjoy catching some Zzz’s in complete solitude, then you’ll love these sleeping pods. Each tube itself is fashioned from strong, poly-carbonate material. It’s got enough room inside to fit just one person and comes with a fitted mattress. Each one is illuminated with LED lights, and has storage and electricity as well in the event you’d like to charge up your gadgets while you nap. They can also be stacked two high if you’d like and upstairs or downstairs neighbor.


If you’re interested in catching a nap in one of these tubes, you can get the Podtime online from Firebox.

[via Chip Chick]