Profanity Generator Lets You Get Creative with Your Curses

Here’s a couple of things you can do when you’re angry: grab your Damnit Doll, whip out your Calligraphuck Cards, or reach for your Profanity Generator. The first two options delay your expression of anger, while the last just helps you come up with words to describe it.

Creative Cursing Profanity GeneratorI’m not saying you should take the pad and yell out insults to the person who offended you. Rather, you might find that it actually helps dissipate your anger by showing you a neat selection of often humorous curses like ‘crap wad’, ‘fart monkey’, and ‘ass waffle.’ Yes, I said ‘ass waffle.’ With syrup.

Creative Cursing Profanity Generator

The Profanity Generator is available online from Fred Flare for $10.95(USD).

[via Instash]