PSP Go Gets Price Cut to $150, Still Sucks

Remember the epic suck that is and was the PSP Go? It’s the portable Sony console that uses no cartridges and wanted you to download all of the games like the iPhone. The real suck of the thing was the price and the fact that you couldn’t even import the games you already had for your old PSP. Retailers didn’t like the thing because there were no secondary sales of software since you had to download it all. Overall, the Go was one of the worst decisions Sony has made in a while.

The console is still around and still crappy by most counts, but it is slightly less fetid today thanks to a new price cut. The PSP Go is now $150 (USD), which is about $100 off interesting in my book. The price drop is thought to be in preparation for the thoroughly awesome sounding PSP2/NGP to hit stores this Fall.

The $150 price also puts the PSP Go at the same price as the DSi, which is a much more interesting console by most accounts. I still don’t see the Go doing well at all in the market even at this price. I haven’t even seen the Go in my local stores; I bet we see the price plummet even further for this handheld once the NGP lands.

[via Electronista]