Puppy Dog Speakers Are Perfect for Your Maw-Maw Deccor

I’m not sure how I missed these when they hit the Japanese tech circuit earlier this year, but these little doggy speakers were just too kitschy for me to pass up.


Made by the wacky folks at Japan Trust Technology, these puppy dog speakers will almost certainly evoke an “ooh” from those who think they’re too cute for words, or an “eeew” from those of you who wouldn’t be caught dead with these on your desktop. I’m pretty certain I fall into the latter category.


But if your grandma has just gotten her first computer, they’ll look perfect alongside her Lladro figurines and portraits of crying clowns. As a matter of fact, they sorta look like those ceramic dalmatians you might have bought with your last scrap of money when you were shopping Wheel of Fortune before they switched that show to a cash-only proposition.

If you’re just dying to pick up a pair of these, you’ll have to head on over to Amazon Japan and get out your Japanese-to-English translator and plunk down your ¥2980 (appx. $32 USD).

[via ITmedia]