Have a Seat on Some Cushy Boulders

My dad’s car broke down on a mountain road when we were on our way to the family vacation house. Suffice it to say, my sisters and I spent a few hours sitting on rock-hard boulders while he tinkered with the engine. Let me just say that those were the two most uncomfortable hours of my life.

Few would be excited at the prospect of having to sit on boulders. But if they happen to be the cushy boulders on the Quartz Armchair, then I’m fine with sitting on them. Heck, I’d even sleep on one of these, if I could.

Quarts Armchair

Designed by CTRL ZAK and Davide Barzaghi, the boulders on the Quartz Armchair are actually cushions. I think that was obvious, ever since I described them as “cushy.” Each piece fits into the spaces on the wooden lattice of the chair. The best part about it is that you can remove individual boulders and use them as stools. They’ll come especially handy when you’ve got house guests or visitors.

Unfortunately, the Quartz Armchair is priced at whopping $14,000(USD) – and that’s a discount off of its $20,000+ retail price. Perhaps sitting on actual rocks is a better idea.

[via Geekologie]