R2-D2 Drink Fridge Is the Coolest Droid Ever

Back in the ’80s, I loved to go to the local gas station because it had this awesome R2-D2 cooler you could get a Coke out of. I wanted one of those coolers so bad that I could hardly stand it. I never got one of those things, but now I can own this similar R2 Drink Fridge


This thing will hold 16 cans of soda or beer if you are legal. The fridge has a locking door to keep unauthorized wankers from stealing your drinks or lunch, and also has a warm setting to keep food warm, which seems like an odd use for a refrigerator. It will cool to 64-68°F, not exactly Hoth-like, and it heats to 140°F, which is exactly Tatooine-like.


Both of the shelves inside are removable, and it comes with an AC adapter and a DC adapter for use in the car. Get your own R2 fridge for $149.99(USD) from ThinkGeek.