DIY Digital Picture Frame Combines Reddit’s Showerthoughts and Earthporn: Yuks & Awe

For his first Raspberry Pi project, Redditor tvm78 used the tiny computer to turn an old monitor into a digital picture frame. But instead of loading pictures of their family, tvm78 decided to stay connected with their online community. The picture frame gets images from the subreddit r/Earthporn and texts from r/Showerthoughts.


Tvm78 hasn’t shared their build log yet, but if you want to test it out head to Redditor paultjeb’s online version of the picture frame:





Keep in mind that r/Showerthoughts is not an infinite fountain of wisdom or comedy, so half the time you’ll get inane or corny thoughts. But as other Redditors have said, you’re free to get the text from other subreddits, such as r/nocontext, or maybe even other websites. I’m sure there are a ton of Twitter and Instagram accounts that would work well together.

Shower thoughts frame

[via Hack A Day]