Runaway R/C Ramen Noodle Cart: Why? Why Not?

The latest in a long line of strange and wonderful gadgets from Japan, this remote-controlled vehicle is modeled after one of those Ramen noodle carts you might see on the streets of Yokohama (mama).


The tiny noodle cart runs on 4 AA batteries, and can cruise along at up to 5 kilometers per hour. Luckily, it’s not really a runaway cart, and can be stopped, started and steered with the included RF remote control. Now if you scroll down, get ready for the world’s most annoying, seizure-inducing animated GIF image…


You were warned. Why they couldn’t actually shoot a video of this thing in motion and upload that to YouTube, nobody knows.

Priced at ¥1380 (appx. $15 USD), the runaway noodle cart is currently available only in Japan over on Rakuten. I’m hoping the guys over at Strapya-World decide to export these to other countries like they have with other such goodies.