Subsidized Amazon Kindle Owners Can Shed Ads – for a Price

I knew the second that Amazon unveiled the new Kindles that are $30 to $40 less than the regular unit in exchange for viewing ads that I would never want the cheaper version. $30 to $40 is barely a discount to permanently put up with annoying ads on something you are still paying for. If you want to get me to suffer through ads, the gadget better be free.


If you bought one of those ad-subsidized Kindles – and now regret it – there is hope for you. Amazon is offering a way that you can ditch those ads and it’s as easy as coughing up that extra fee you saved buying this tablet in the first place. You simply go into the Manage Your Kindle page and unsubscribe from the ads there.

You can kill the ads right now if you want. I would not have been surprised if Amazon had asked for a premium to remove the ads as a punishment, so it’s good to see that all you have to do is pay the difference between the subsidized and the price of the normal reader at any time.