Rocket Raccoon Full-size Figure: Ain’t No Thing like Me, Except Me

Guardians of the Galaxy fans, you better have a spacious shelf, because this limited edition Rocket Raccoon figure is nearly 3ft. tall. Made by NECA, the figure was based on “the actual digital files used in making the movie.” It’s made of foam rubber and latex and then hand painted. NECA also stole a prosthetic leg, then realized they didn’t need it.


NECA says this figure is “slightly-larger-than-life-size”, but according to Marvel Rocket’s height is 4ft. Perhaps his movie incarnation is a tad shorter than his original comic book version. I’m sure that would mightily piss him off.




There NECA, you happy? We’re all wondering about a talking raccoon’s height now. [Bunch of jackasses, Googling “Rocket Raccoon height.”] You can pre-order the full-size Rocket Raccoon figure from the BigBadToyStore for $335 (USD).

[via Super Punch]