Royale Opera Time-Piece Watch Costs $1.2m

Ever just sat and looked at something thinking if you could afford it you would totally buy it – no matter how geeky and overpriced it is? I bet there are lots of you out there thinking that right now after laying eyes on the Royale Opera Time-Piece. The maker of the watch puts that hyphen in there for some reason; I guess the watch is too epic for a compound word.

This thing sells for a cool $1.2 million and has a case made from different colors of brass and gold. The thing has a real alligator skin watchband and looks almost steampunk to me with all those exposed gears. The case accordions up to make a resonating chamber for the chimes that the watch has for hours and minutes.

You get no batteries here, this watch is a mash up of gears and levers and springs for all of its action, and you manually wind the thing. Each full wind will keep the watch working for 100 hours. You really have to check this out to fully appreciate the craftsmanship.

[via A Blog to Read]