Saberforge Double-Bladed Staff: As Popularized by Arthday Aulmay

We’ve already seen Etsy seller Philip Isherwood’s Saberforge Battle Sabers, a series of very original prop weapons. While I’m still researching how he came up with his utterly unique designs, Philip already upped the ante. He’s now making Saberforge Staffs, which have not one but two blades. This changes everything. This guy is a genius. A genius I say!


Philip is well aware that his props are used by people who like to play both heroes and villains, so he again fired up his innovation engine and came up with two distinct designs. The Decimator Staff, shown above, looks unmistakably evil, while the Grand Master Staff, shown below, is for those who (pretend to) fight for good. Philip’s imagination truly knows no bounds.


Seriously though, these seem like durable and beautiful props. Not only do they have aircraft-grade aluminum handles, they also have force- and motion-sensitive sound effects, meaning they play appropriate audio effects when swung and when their blades clash. Speaking of clashing, the staff’s coupler can be removed if you want to dual wield or share a saber with a friend. Each staff comes with two sets of blades, a pair of 36″ blades and a pair of 32″ blades. A 10w dual-color LED on each hilt provides the lighting.

Here’s Philip demonstrating the Decimator Staff…

…and the Grand Master Staff:

If you’re ready to take your pretend interstellar armed conflicts to the next level, head to Philip’s Etsy shop Saberforge. The staffs cost $850 (USD) each.

[via DudeIWantThat]