3D Printed Sad Keanu is Anything But Sad for the People Who Buy One

Keanu Reeves is one of the many celebrities who have been turned into a meme. The Sad Keanu meme came to be a couple of years back after someone snapped a picture of Keanu sitting alone on a park bench, looking particularly downcast. While Keanu explained that he’s not sad or depressed, the meme lives on.

And now it lives on in another form: a 3D printed figurine.

Sad Keanu Toy

Now fans, Redditors, collectors, and absolutely anyone who finds the meme amusing can own a figure of Sad Keanu to play with, display, or take pictures of in all sorts of weird scenarios and set-ups. Check out the images below for a sampling of what has been done so far with the Sad Keanu 3D figure.

Sad Keanu Toy1

Sad Keanu Toy2

Sad Keanu Toy3

Sad Keanu Toy4

Sad Keanu Toy5

Sad Keanu Toy6

You gotta love the internet.

The 3D printed Sad Keanu figure is available from Shapeways for $45(USD). Cough up the cash or print your own!

[via Geekologie]