Salt and Pepper Bots for Lazy Condiment Passers

The lines I hate hearing when I’m sitting down at the dining table about to dig in on my meal when I’m particularly famished are:

  • Can you please pass the salt?
  • Can you please sprinkle a little bit of pepper in my soup?
  • Can you please hand me the salt and pepper shakers?

Of course, I would oblige, since it would be rude not to. But sometimes, I just wish I could just wind them up and send them off their merry way across the table so I can enjoy my food in peace. And that’s exactly what you can do with these Salt & Pepper Bots.


These quirky salt and pepper shakers literally shake as they sashay across your dining table to the person who wants ’em. Just wind them up, point them in the right direction, and dig in.


Don’t let those condiment passers walk all over you when you’re having dinner. Instead, let these little critters waddle over to them.

These little bots are available from Amazon for around $12(USD) a pair.