Sandisk “Official” Xbox 360 Flash Drive: Yep, It’S Just an Ordinary Flash Drive

Last month, Xbox 360 users were finally given the option to transfer their user data to a flash drive. Note that you can use any flash drive for this purpose, but that won’t stop companies like SanDisk from releasing “official” Xbox 360 flash drives. SanDisk’s drives are pre-formatted for use with an Xbox 360, sure, but you can easily do that with any flash drive and an Xbox 360 in seconds. The only significant difference between these Microsoft-approved drives and other flash drives is that SanDisk is throwing in a free 1-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, which you may or may not need.

sandisk xbox 360 flash drive

But wait, there’s more: if you purchase one of these directly from SanDisk, you get a free lanyard! WOW. So yeah, you can order the SanDisk Xbox 360 Flash Drive at SanDisk’s website; the 8GB  version sells for $35 (USD) while the 16 GB version sells for $70. If you’re going for the 16GB version, Amazon is selling it for $5 less. No lanyard though *cough*no one cares*cough*. Or you can buy a plain ol’ 16GB flash drive for $32 at Newegg. Your choice.

[via Engadget]