Santa and Reindeer Flying Drone: Ho-Ho-Hovercraft

With over 15 years of writing experience, Jonathan has had a passion for all things tech-related since watching Inspector Gadget as a child. He's disassembled countless appliances and managed to put a few back together, and one actually still works. When not writing, he can often be found playing video games or accidentally hurting himself tinkering in the garage.

Clearly unafraid to utilize the latest in flying technology, Santa is experimenting with delivering presents this year via a drone disguised as his sleigh and reindeer. Available from Firebox, the Flying Santa Drone is a radio-controlled drone featuring the likeness of Santa and four of his reindeer. I can already see myself flying it straight into the Christmas tree and breaking fragile ornaments.

The drone itself has an onboard rechargeable battery, and after installing three AAA batteries in the remote controller, you’re ready to ho-ho-hover to your heart’s content! At least until the drone’s battery is drained and you have to wait to recharge it. That’s when it’s time to take a snack break or play with the box it came in.

So – have you been good this year? Good enough to make Santa’s nice list? Because according to an elf friend of mine on the inside at Santa’s workshop, I have not been. I didn’t even make the naughty list; I made the sub-naughty list. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! I assume Santa is just going to come down my chimney to beat me up.