This is How Freaky People Look with Scotch Tape on Their Faces

Something as simple as a roll of Scotch tape can transform faces in a not-so-pretty way. In fact, the Scotch Tape series of photos shot by Wes Naman borders on horrifying. Who knew tape could turn regular peoples’ faces into such grotesque abominations?

Scotch TapeI admit, when I was a kid, I used to do this myself. But not to this extent where my faces just looks completely off.

Wes came up with idea when he applied tape to himself to test a lighting rig set-up. The result of that seemingly random idea is a whole gallery of people with a lot of flattened noses, misshapen brows, taped-up snarls and guffaws, and droopy eyes.

Awesomely disturbing, isn’t it?

[Wired via helablog via Incredible Things]