Shower Uses Water that Goes Down the Drain to Clean You

We have all stood in the shower and marveled at all the hair and goo that goes down the drain as we clean. If you have someone with long locks in the house, the drain can look like someone tried to dissolve a murdered Wookiee and missed some chunks.

With that image in mind, the shower of the future captures the water that goes down the drain and squirts it back on you to save water. The water recycling shower was designed by Orbital Systems in cooperation with NASA.


Before you start heaving with thoughts of old hair all over you, the system does filter the water before it finds its way back onto your face. In fact, the shower uses a pair of cartridges that filter out so many particles that the water is cleaner after it is recycled than water that comes out of your tap.

As you might imagine, the cartridges have to be replaced with a micro capsule costing about $25(USD), good for cleaning about 7,900 gallons of water. The nano capsule costs $100 and can clean about 26,000 gallons of water. The shower itself costs $4,000 for a floor integrated model or $5,000 for a cabinet model.

The makers claim you can save about 90% of the water and 80% of the energy you would normally use.

[via C|NET]