15 Signs of Poor Hygiene

Proper hygiene is extremely important. Everyone should take care of their appearance. It leads to a better quality of life.

Some hygiene tips are obvious, while others are not so much. These are the hygiene tips everyone needs to know.

Replace Your Toothbrush Every Three Months

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Your mouth is incredibly dirty, which means the more you use a toothbrush, the more germs it acquires. Replacing a toothbrush on a proper schedule will help keep your teeth clean.

Wash Makeup Brushes

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Just like a toothbrush, makeup brushes should be cleaned and possibly replaced regularly.

You don’t want bacteria and germs to reside in something that comes in regular contact with your face!

Body Spray Doesn’t Replace A Shower

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We all know that one guy who uses Axe instead of taking a full shower. Don’t be that guy. Take a shower and then use body spray, but only in moderation.

Clean Behind Your Ears

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When you clean your house, you make sure you reach every nook and cranny. The same is true for when you shower. Get behind your ears and leave no spot untouched.

Wash Your Butt

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When we say leave no spot untouched, we mean it. Your butt can be one of the dirtiest parts of your body. Just because no one sees it doesn’t mean it should be neglected!

If You Can Smell Yourself, Others Can Smell It Worse

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We’re accustomed to how our own body smells, so it’s easy to miss when we’re a little smelly. If you can pick up on it, you better believe others can, too.

Change Your Pillowcases Regularly

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Running your sheets through the laundry is common, but make sure you don’t neglect the pillowcases! Even then, it’s best to have them on a regular rotation so you don’t dirty your face as you sleep.

Dry Your Feet

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Putting socks on wet feet is a recipe for disaster. You’re begging for bacteria and fungus to grow. Make sure your feet are super dry after you come out of the shower.

Clean Your Jewelry Regularly

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Earrings, rings, necklaces, you name it. They’re in constant contact with your body, so ensuring they’re as clean as possible is vital.

Gloves Aren’t Magic During Food Prep

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Just because you’re wearing gloves while cooking doesn’t mean you’re fully protected from getting dirty. Not only is cross-contamination still a possibility, but you still need to wash your hands regularly.

Regularly Clean Your Phone Screen

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People are glued to their phones today. Heck, I’m writing this article on my phone! Because of this, it’s important to keep your phone screen as clean as possible to avoid bacteria buildup.

Use A Separate Towel To Clean Your Face

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It may seem wasteful to use multiple towels but consider this. A towel designated solely to clean your face will not accrue oils and bacteria other towels may obtain.

Go Easy On The Perfume Or Cologne

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A little will go a long way here. If someone can smell you from a mile away, you’re wearing too much.

Clean Your Shower

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Your body shouldn’t be the only thing being cleaned in the shower. Maintaining a clean shower, including the curtains, prevents mold and mildew buildup.

If You Stink After Showering, Check Your Washing Machine

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Let’s say you’ve done everything possible to maintain proper hygiene, but you still stink. It might be your clothes due to a faulty washing machine. Also, clothes should be transferred to the dryer as soon as possible so they don’t sit in water too long.

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