Can You Stomach a Night at Skylodge’s Transparent Sleeping Pods?

How do you feel about spending a night suspended from the side of a cliff? If you find yourself getting jelly legs just by looking over the railing when you’re five stories up, then clearly Natura Vive’s Skylodge isn’t for you.


The Peruvian tour company lets adventurers and nature lovers live dangerously while enjoying the tranquility of nature for each and every night they spend at the Skylodge. Accommodations are limited as there are only three capsules available, each one furnished with four beds, a dining area, and a toilet.


In case you thought staying in the pods was the highlight of the trip, think again, because getting to the pods is actually half the fun. In order to get to the Skylodge, you’ll either have to scale the mountain, use the 400-foot ladder that’s embedded on the cliff, or get there via a series of ziplines.


Clearly this isn’t for the faint of heart.

[via designboom via Geekologie]