Skyrim Hacked to Work with Kinect for PC

Everybody is playing Skyrim, but not the way that YouTube user KinectFAAST is playing. He has unveiled a new Skyrim hack that allows players to use Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller with the game. All you have to do is watch the video to see how great this hack is.

The gestures, being simple and intuitive, actually add some depth to the gameplay. Just swing your right arm forward, up, left, or right, and your character will hack with the sword. Want to cast a spell? Just raise your hand or push it forward.

Jut move your right foot a few inches forward to run, and a bit further forward to sprint. Your left foot forward gives you a slow walk. Leaning left, right, or back moves the character in that direction. The hack even offers voice control. This is one sweet hack for a game like Skyrim.

For more information on how the hack works, check out the description over on YouTube.

[via Destructoid via Kotaku]