Smartphone Controlled Boat: App the Creek

In 2012, the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) teamed up with Royal College of Art product design students to create functional and innovative chairs out of American hardwood. So Thomas Gottelier and Bobby Petersen made a boat.


Collectively known as Featuring Featuring, Thomas and Bobby worked with programmer Jonas Jongejan and boat builder Will Reed to create the Floating Chair, aka Auto Boat. The boat gets its names – and a seat at AHEC’s exhibit – from its ability to ferry the rider to a location that’s set in an app.

Using just a pair of motors, it has no rudder or paddle. You simply activate the boat via the app and off it goes, leaving you free to chill throughout the journey. Hopefully to somewhere safe. The video below implies that you can stop and restart the boat in the middle of the journey, so it seems you do have a chance to nope out of there if needed.







That does seem like a fine way to get around. It’s not a chair though.

Images and video by Petr Krejci

[via Featuring Featuring & AHEC via Tododesign via NOTCOT]