Sony RX1 Camera Pics and Details Leak

I can be honest and say that I’m a horrible photographer. I have a fancy DSLR camera that I bought a few years ago and I always use it in automatic mode. The reason I wanted the camera was that it had a fast shutter so I could actually take a picture of my kids, rather than an ear or an elbow at sporting events. For me, the $900 that camera cost was definitely the high end of what I would spend for a digital camera.

Many people out there spend way more money than that on cameras because they’re artsy and stuff. For those of you who have a big bank account and like high-quality cameras that also happen to be compact, the Sony RX1 has leaked online. This is a strange little digital camera that appears to be quite compact yet offers a full-frame imaging sensor.

Sony RX1 camera

The photo was leaked, but the official announcement is expected to come on the 12th. The camera looks like it has a Zeiss 35mm, F/2.0 lens and interestingly the lens appears to be fixed. I say interestingly, because the price for the RX1 is rumored to be about $2799(USD). Typically, for that price, you’d be looking a camera with a huge variety of lenses available to meet your specific needs. I’m not sure many people will pay three grand for digital camera and be stuck with a single lens. Guess we’ll have to wait a couple of days to get the full details and to find out the full specs and retail pricing for the RX1.

[via Engadget]