Soul Party in a Box Music P910 Player: The Luxury Boombox

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There are many products which have been sold as a “party in a box,” but I’ve never heard the term applied to a music player. This audio player is named thusly because it’s completely self-contained, and aims to be the life of your next party – hopefully waking up your neighbors very late at night.


The Soul Party In A Box P910 is a room-rattling portable speaker system. It has a dock for your iOS device, Bluetooth with AptX support, a USB port, and an auxiliary audio port. It has a total of 8 speakers, including dual 6.5-inch subwoofers, 3-inch midrange drivers, front firing 1.5-inch midranges and 1-inch tweeters.


It’s also got an HDMI output, a karaoke mode with microphone input, and a remote control. It’s also got an FM radio with RDS track and artist display. There’s also a built-in handle, and a universal world power supply so that you can take the party anywhere. While functions are managed using a modern LCD screen, the old-school analog VU meters are also a nice touch.


So how much will all this party rockin’ set you back? Priced at $999.99(USD), the Party in a Box is definitely no cheap boombox. Let’s hope its sound lives up to its price tag. At least Soul softens the blow a little bit by throwing in a pair of their high-end SL300 headphones ($249 value) with your purchase for now.

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