Space Invaders Hoodie Keeps Aliens, Elements Out

Dunh-Dunh, Dunh-Dunh, Dun-Dun, Dun-Dun, Du-Du-Du-Du. Those pesky Space Invaders are coming to your town to help you party down. Or at least they’re ready to help you keep warm on a windy day with this spiffy Invaders-themed hoodie.

Space Invaders Hoodie

These cotton knitwear zippered hoodies feature tons of little green Invaders all over the surface. You’ll have to shoot through hundreds, maybe thousands of the 8-bit aliens in order to clear this level and move on to the next.

Space Invaders Hoodie Back

Available from eBay’s Thrifty Beatnik UK shop, the Invaders Hoodie will set you back £29.99 (appx. $59 USD) – or about 236 quarters that you could be using to play the arcade classic instead.

Be warned that the product page is overloaded with tons of late-1990’s web page crap that might make your browser (or you) fall into a grand mal seizure, so fair warning before you click through.

Speaking about Space Invaders