Speaker Planter Answers Question: What’s the Sound of a Plant Growing?

If you’re both a horticulturist and an audiophile, then have I got the perfect thing for you. Ok, it’s probably more for the gardener than the audio fanatic since it doesn’t actually function as a speaker, but this thing is still kind of a neat idea.


While it looks just like a bookshelf speaker, what you’re looking at is a 3D-printed planter. It measures about 4″(W) x 4″ (D) x 5.8″(H) and has a drainage hole to make sure your plants don’t get overwatered. Just don’t try connecting this thing to your amplifier unless you want to short it out.

You can buy the 3D-printed speaker planter for $30(USD) from PixilShop over on Etsy.