Watch This Spinning Top with Razor Blades Slice Things

This is something you should not try at home, even though it is tempting. This high-speed spinning toy can reach over 100,000 RPMs once spun up to speed with compressed air, but the what makes it dangerous are the attached razor blades. Watch it seek and destroy all kinds of things.

This spinning death machine slices and slashes through hot dogs, potatoes, crayons, bananas, and more. There’s nothing that it can’t destroy. But all I can think about are the blades coming off and killing someone. And that is why you should just enjoy the carnage from the safety of your laptop, and leave it to those crazy kids on YouTube to literally risk life and limb.

On the plus side, this could be the weapon we have been looking for to use against zombies. Now you can take them out at the feet, instead of just at the head.

[via Sploid]